Hello and welcome to the Healthy Writer Life! My name is Kristin D. Sadler, founder of this site, full-time writer, and lifetime health advocate. I’m so honored you’re here and hope that you find the site helpful.

My Journey as a Health Advocate

My family started practicing chiropractic when I was five years old and that began a lifelong pattern of addressing health from a more natural perspective. I began doing “jazzercise” (boy, that shows my age!) with my older sister when I was 14 and going to the gym after school and on weekends, even before I could drive. I either rode my bike to get there or my grandpa would take me and read the paper in the car while I worked out.

In my twenties, I worked with a nutritionist and a fitness trainer, where I learned about the importance of protein and other nutrients (I would go a week without any animal protein, I just don’t care for it). I also learned the ill effects of stress and worked with a therapist to learn how to stop my body from having the automatic stress responses I was creating (IBS-type symptoms). I had to work really hard to let go of the self-inflicted expectation of perfection. I learned deep breathing, meditation, and how to interrupt my unconscious automatic negative thinking patterns.

In my thirties, I began learning about hormones (thank you, Suzanne Sommers!) and the importance of balancing ALL of them (not just the female hormones). At 35, I began seeing a functional medicine and hormone doctor to optimize my health. I learned I had/have many genetic and acquired health issues that I didn’t know about but explained so much. I also got into Yoga and Qi Gong, which changed my life dramatically!

When I turned 40, my health seemed to fall apart, which I learned over the course of two years stemmed from a dental implant. I won’t get into the ordeal here, but suffice it to say, I went from being bed-ridden and not being able to eat much of anything to living a fairly normal, active life, thanks to functional medicine.

Now, I’m in my 50s, I walk every day, I still do modified yoga, see a chiropractor weekly, utilize acupuncture to heal, and I eat an organic, whole-food diet. Despite rheumatoid arthritis, chronic Lyme disease, and a host of other niggling issues, I consider myself healthy and fit.

I also continually research, read, and practice holistic health daily. It is my passion!

The Birth of the Healthy Writer Life

A friend and fellow writer, Kent Sanders, was talking to me one day about something health-related and he said I should share my knowledge with our writer community, that he often needed the inspiration to be healthier and didn’t know a lot of what we were discussing. I have also had many other people say the same, so I decided to take the leap and start sharing a lifetime of knowledge and personal experience in the hope that it would help other writers and non-writers, even a little bit.

I feel so blessed to be able to mix the two things I love the most – writing and health. Please know that my experiences are unique and that my advice or knowledge is only meant to inspire, encourage, and hopefully motivate you to do great things for yourself. We only get one body, one life. I want to feel as good as I can while I’m here and know that I have done everything I can to make that happen. I hope you feel that way too!

Professional Experience

I wrote my first book when I was five about a horse with pictures and a stapled binding. However, I began my full-time writing career after I moved to Missouri from Florida in 2013. I had been in outside sales most of my career (about 18 years) and had also been an entrepreneur. In addition to my sales and business career, I continued to write advertising pieces for local businesses and nonprofits and articles for small publications.

Today, my specialty is writing websites, blogs, and other digital marketing that inspire readers to take action while creating better brand recognition and top-of-mind product awareness.

As a Senior Content Writer for Atomic Revenue and owner of Pen & Peacock Professional Writing, I write, produce, and edit web content/blogs, landing pages, e-newsletters, e-books, email campaigns, white papers, catalogs, brochures, articles, annual reports, poetry, and so much more. I am also a published poet and ghostwriter.